Report #2

These are some of the contact voice that has come through while using the new method of segmented syllables of 225 Millie seconds, then they are quickly randomly selected in a software which never repeats the same pattern. To the human ear, this sound a Non sense continuing  stream of garble, not forming any words, and totally unrecognizable. 
Only on playback of the whole session, can EVP be heard, where spirit would have re organized some parts of the non-sense broken up voices, to speak messages and in response to  questions.
It's all quite fascinating how they do this!  But I believe it's some type of modulation that comes from the other side?

They also talk and confirm the Transmitting stations on the other side, what technology they got there I have no idea, but they do confirm that they exist.

I also record for the Big circle, where  we contact people of the big circle on the other side, you will often hear me say, big circle members, this is what I am speaking of, just for you to know, you can find more about the Big Circle which I am a member of here- 


MR Raudive and MR Bacci's contact voices that came through in my sessions, the RAW speech that I used before being broken up and randomly selected by the software was in their Native first speaking language, but yet the contact voices replies came through in English. 
anyway Take a look at the video's below.

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