Hi all,

I have some exciting new to share with you all. 
Sonia Rinaldi is using a device called the 'Light Bridge' where by advice from the other side lead Sonia and her engineer to build the light bridge.
The light bridge is a device that converts the audio gibberish into light, than back into audio, this bypasses the earths outer fabric layer,  so in reality this should mean for better audio contacts with more clarity. Of course it's still in the experimentation stages at the moment.
I was lucky enough to find two great engineers on the Varanormal forum, that offered to build and replicate Sonia device via Sonia's schematics, mine will be approximately the same as Sonia Light bridge but with some tweaks of our own.
I am really excited to start using the device for my own experiments and to test the system with my general audio setup for voice contacts.
You can follow more at the link below, as the engineers prepare and build the device for me, hope fully if it's successful, they can replicate for other ITC uses. 

Here's Sonia Light bridge version 1, it's basic setup how it's used, but I will just be working with the one PC.

Any question please email me or use the Varanormal forum.
Many thanks Lance

light bridge1.jpg